Health & Safety

It is NOTRA's policy to provide a safe and healthful work environment for all its employees. NOTRA considers no phase of operations or administration to be of greater importance than the prevention of injury and occupational illness. Every occupational illness, accident, and injury is avoidable, and NOTRA makes every reasonable effort to reduce the possibility of any occurring.

The company believes in two fundamental principles of safety: all accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable and reducible. To put these principles into practice, every employee receives the appropriate training, equipment, and other resources necessary to complete assigned tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

NOTRA has established, documented, implemented and maintains an all encompassing Safety Management System (SMS) that establishes the work practices, health, safety, accident, and fire protection standards and procedures necessary to help ensure protection of NOTRA personnel and subcontractors. The SMS is a living document and it is modified by NOTRA's Health and Safety Manager as project conditions change.


NOTRA utilizes a combination of experienced personnel, a thorough safety training regime and adherence to all applicable Provincial and Federal Safety Regulations.