Sample Projects

  • Canadian Coast Guard  - Risk assessments for new ship procurement projects
  • Canadian Coast Guard – Developed a corporate audit standard and conducted an audit of a CCG project
  • Algonquin College, ON - Provision of PM training and risk management training
  • Communications Research Centre, Shirley’s Bay, ON - Provision of trusted 3rd party PM support throughout all phases of high risk Lab Decommissioning/HAZMAT projects
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission High Risk Radiological Decommissioning Project - Provision of trusted 3rd party PM support throughout all phases of the project

Project Management

NOTRA has extensive capabilities and corporate experience in all facets of project management having successfully managed a wide range of large scale, complex, high risk projects for both public and private sector clients. The company also provides project management training to public and private sector clients. Our team is comprised of respected and experienced professionals including individuals with additional unique qualifications. Specific expertise includes:


  • Consultation and Trusted Third-Party Support
  • Execution, Monitoring & Control, and Project Closure phases
  • Governance and Corporate-Level PM Oversight
  • Initiation, Planning & Design
  • Reviews, Audits, Assessments, and Project Rescue 
  • Project Risk Management
  • Training 

Critical INfrastructure Protection


NOTRA provides trusted professional Critical Infrastructure Protection support.

Critical Infrastructure Protection is a comprehensive and holistic risk management approach that boosts the resilience of an organization’s critical assets. It considers all threats, malicious, environmental and accidental and aims to rapidly recover & reconstitute critical services with minimum impact. This is accomplished through the judicious application of robustness, redundancy, resourcefulness, business continuity and contingency planning, monitoring and emergency management.