Corporate Social Responsibility

Business and society are interdependent. The well-being of one depends on the well-being of the other and NOTRA makes every effort to practice Corporate Social Responsibility. NOTRA strives to carefully balance economic, environmental, social, health and cultural requirements through the delivery of its services. Examples include:


  • Complying with Workplace Safety Insurance Board standards
  • Complying with rules of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Maintaining Professional and Commercial Liability Insurance 
  • Minimizing its impact on the environment
  • Providing health benefits for its staff and their families
  • Promoting training and skills development among its workforce
  • Recycling waste materials in a responsible manner 
  • Supporting local charities
  • Respecting the cultural traditions of Canada's First Nations who we work with extensively

Quality Management

NOTRA has established, documented, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that continually improves its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 QMS Standard. Since 1995, NOTRA's QMS has been validated on an annual basis by the Canadian General Standard's Board.


Quality is the responsibility of all NOTRA employees, and it affects every aspect of the company's work. All personnel are accountable for the quality of their individual assignments and functional responsibilities.

Security & Controlled Goods


NOTRA maintains the appropriate levels of personnel and facility security screening levels through the Canadian & International Industrial Security Directorate (CIISD). 


In addition to this, NOTRA is also registered with the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), which is mandatory for any company to examine, posses or transfer controlled goods. The CGP is a domestic industrial security program administered by the Department of Public Works & Government Services Canada (PWGSC). The objective of the program is to safeguard controlled goods in Canada and prevent controlled goods from being access by unauthorized persons.