About Us

Since 1995, NOTRA has provided expert solutions in the fields of Explosives Management, Geophysics and Project Management. NOTRA is headquartered in Ottawa with offices in Toronto and Vernon and our team of more than fifty includes experienced Project Managers, Geophysicists, Bomb Disposal Specialists, GPS/GIS Technicians and Project Support personnel.


NOTRA has demonstrated the ability to field multiple fully equipped and qualified Explosives Clearance and Geophysical Survey teams within hours to remote locations.  As such, NOTRA is currently the Canadian Department of National Defence's selected consultant for Emergency Response and Time Critical Services related to Explosives and Geophysics issues.  NOTRA has worked on numerous active Canadian Forces Bases, Legacy Sites and former conflict areas with the objective of making locations both safer and useable. Through the delivery of its solutions, NOTRA has:

  • Successfully and Safely completed hundreds of projects
  • Assessed, surveyed and cleared thousands of hectares of land
  • Destroyed/Disposed of > 10,000 explosive items
  • Removed hundreds of thousands of kilograms of munitions items

NOTRA’s focus remains:

  • Health, Safety & Environmental Protection
  • Quality Services & Deliverables
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Long Term Client Relationships
  • Internationally Proven Business Management Practices


NOTRA recognizes and appreciates that its success is only assured through its clear contribution to the achievement of its clients' success. Helping its clients complete projects on time and budget with quality deliverables and expert resources, and being invited back time and again, is the reason NOTRA exists today.